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Who are we? What is Monument Cycling? What can I expect? Here, we answer everything you need to know about Monument Cycling's premium content.


What is Monument Cycling?

Monument Cycling is a publisher and production company dedicated to the British pro cycling scene. We work with British Cycling to support the National Road Series and the National Trophy Series. We also work with the organisers of other major events like the Tour of Britain, Women's Tour, and Tour Series.

What is the British pro cycling scene?

There is so much to the British elite cycling scene that we can't cover it all in an FAQ. There's a healthy mix of road racing, criteriums, cyclo-cross, and track. Professional UCI Continental Teams mix with British Cycling Elite Development Teams and the best domestic riders in the country.

Where do your profits go?

We put our profits back into helping the British pro cycling scene. In 2023, we funded highlights for the National Road Series entirely from our own pocket to help support riders, teams, and organisers to build a sustainable racing scene in the UK.

I need help with my subscription

If the information you require is not available on our website, feel free to contact us via the information on our Contact page. We’ll do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.

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