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About us

Find out more about our story and get to know the people behind Monument Cycling.

About us

Monument Cycling is the home of pro cycling in the UK

We're helping you discover the British pro cycling scene - highlights, analysis, and insights all in one place

Our mission is to make cycling the most engaging, accessible, and inclusive free-to-attend sport in the UK.

We want to build a sustainable platform for fans of professional cycling in the UK to have unrivalled access to their favourite athletes and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Here at Monument Cycling, we're using our platform to give back to the cycling community so athletes and staff can make a living competing here in the UK.

Meet the team

Owen - Founder

I spent a decade racing bikes at an elite level in the UK. I used to spend my time imagining how I could help give back to the scene that was such a big part of my life.

When I finally stopped racing, I realised it was time to put all that energy into helping others. I started Monument Cycling to run some local races at Hog Hill and it turns out I had a knack for marketing the events.

I bootstrapped Monument Cycling's media reach to over 100 million views per year and decided to take the next step to help the racing scene and the people I used to race with grow the sport in the UK to the best it can be.

Toby - Cambridge Criterium

I was lucky enough to grow up in the middle of Exmoor and got into mountain biking from a young age. It turns out I was better suited to road racing on the flat Fenlands!

Since racing the London Nocturne, I have always wanted to help others experience the buzz and excitement of a city centre race in our historic Cambridge. I joined Monument Cycling as they share the same vision.

Day to day I run a consultancy firm that specialises in delivering operational improvement primarily in manufacturing organisations.

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Albert - Content

Laurence - Content

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